Clearaudio emotions turntable ???

Today I received my clearaudio emotions turntable.
Before I bad mouth them on this site Im curious to know if anyone else has any experience with setting up the turntable.
Specifically the arm.
They've been emailed but I don't expect a response prior Monday.
which tonearm did you get with the table?
The Satisfy arm. (the stock arm for the table)
Not personally but I onced waited in a dealers shop FOR EVER while he set up a cartridge on it.
It's now 4 o'clock in the afternoon in Germany and I've yet to receive a response from clearaudio regarding the email sent the previous Friday.
Needless to say I'm becoming disappointed and discouraged.
When I bought my Emotion in June, I emailed them with a question. Still waiting on that response. If you don't mind the charges you can phone them and they apparently have very friendly and supportive phone services, just don't do e-mail.

I'm loving my Emotion/Satisfy/Aurum Classics combo. Please feel free to email or post your question and I'll see if I can help.
Thanks for the response Mtz.
In my opinion the engineering on the Satisfy arm is subpar.
For a buck two ninety five huge improvements can be made. Mounting improvements.
The more I thought about it over the weekend the more dissatisfied I've become.
I'm just going to return the table and further explore the options.
But to answer your question... yes I do mind the charges. For a thousand bucks there are some implied things I expect from a vendor.
I assume you're referring to the single-set screw design? Or is this an arm-geometry query?

I would like a more secure mount for the arm on this table but after 3 months I haven't found the single screw to be a problem. Still, more would be nicer.
That and how they go about setting the proper height.
The directions say to use the three "flat pads"... by doing this the one rca connector is inaccessable.

Why not put a shoulder on the mounting sleeve?
Or make it so three dowels, evenly spaced on the diameter, fit into a mating surface on the base? This would establish height, maintain the arm assembly square to the base and fix the orientation. Then use the set screw.
The Germans got lazy with this design.
If I remember correctly though, the "shims" technique is only used in the instructions when first assembling the table. Once you're ready to align the cartridge you'll need to adjust the arm height (VTA) and that RCA become accessible again.