Clearaudio Emotion SE: Good choice for Classic Rock?

I'm listening mostly to 70's & 80's Rock and also Pop. Is this a good choice (PRAT)? Which cartridge do you recommend? Looking to spend $3k top for a complete turntable. 

The rest of the system is a BAT P5 phono, VK-5i preamp and a VK-55 power amp going into JBL LS-40's.
REGA RP6 w/o cartridge ($1500), Dynavector 20x2 MC ($1000) ...PRAT off the charts! AND under budget! Your welcome :-)

Matt M
Ok, thanks for your reply. It seems like a good choice.
You wouldn't need that cart if you decide on an RP6; an Audio Technica AT33EV would be just fine.
Origin Live Aurora with Silver arm and power supply
Basis 1400 - Rega 300 - sumiko blackbird shut down my digital rig for good!  I listen to the same music as you...

Ok, great replies. I've been looking at Basis to and also the Rega RP8. Not sure if I raise my budget for it, but I love the looks of it.
Funkfirm turntables do everything that Rega does but with more authority like a bigger TT.
Ok then, I would Highly suggest a Dynavector 10X5 for a lower cost option that would still work very well, on a RP6.

Matt M