clearaudio emotion cmb vs. VPI classic

I am upgrading from a VPI 19 Mk III, and considering one of these tables. Can anyone offer advice regarding the comparative performance and value of the two? Thanks.
I had a Clearaudio Performance, the table up the Clearaudio line from the Emotion, prior to my Classic, and although the Performance was a great table, I think the Classic is better in all ways. Not hugely better, but it is better.

More extended, warmer, faster, with a much better lower end. I think it's the fact that it works as a system, and tonearm is just awesome.

I can't see the Emotion being in the same league as the Classic.'re bored.
Classic is much better not only in sound but value.
The Classic is an awesome TT. For US$2,500-> its one of audios biggest bargain for the huge performance accolade it can give.
Don't even hesitate, get the classic. It'll be in more audio systems than other brands or models in a few years. It just hasn't caught on yet.