Clearaudio Confusion: Ferrari or Tweaky Kit Car?

After years of analog deprivation, I am thinking about dusting off my boxes of LPs in storage and buying a turntable.

To me, there is something quite mezmerizing about well made turntables and in my opinion they should be like a great sports car -- high performance of course, but also satisfying to use and gorgeous to behold.

Over the years, I have therefore coveted a VPI TNT, the latest version Oracles, and briefly thought about the Gyrodec SE which looked like a bargain.

By contrast, I owned and had perfectly good results with a Linn LP 12 but found its personality a bit stodgy and dull.

A friend of mine has recently suggested Clearaudio, and although I am intrigued, I can make no sense of their line.

Multiple arm boards? (Probably wont use them) 3 different ranges within their line? (I'm confused.) "Reference" table with 3 motors and outboard power supply? (Looks interesting, but is it worth the money?)

With the emphasis on space age sex appeal, build quality and excellent(although not necessarily state of the art) performance, I would welcome any advice on which Clearaudio table I might choose.

Further to "not necessarily SOTA", you will see I have a "retro" high end system. Consistent with my preferences, I have been saving a new, old stock, SME Type III arm that I would like to use on this table to complete the elaborate space age look.

Any info on these turntables or other options would be greatly appreciated.
Options? Can you get a Ferrari with wood grain sides?

By the way it seems you have a little drooling problem there....

Not bad.

Thanks for the pic, although unsuspended, minimally plinthed, tweaky turntables with side mounted belt drive motors seem to be multiplying like reality TV programs.

So, to me, none of them look that exotic anymore, which is why I had asked about the clearaudio.

Does anyone know about the clearaudio turntables?

Does anyone
The clear audio stuff is not bad. I'd get the master series stuff (triple arm boards, etc.)... definitely a cut above the other stuff. Many of their parts/tables are made by Project in Czech republic (interestingly, they are an OEM for many budget tables, and the largest table manufacturer in the world, from what I have heard). Clear audio has some cool tweaks, tools, clamps, etc., that are useful on both their and other tables. They do need to streamline their lineup IMHO.

Teres is quite nice and well engineered w/o being silly, and pricing is reasonable. what is your budget?

The Wilson Benesch Full Circle is a nice rig too, one-stop shopping, good value and sounds nice too. (fairly elegant looking to boot).