Clearaudio concerto VTA on Unify 9

Could anyone give me a success story with their unify 9 / concerto set-up? I have a champion that I just set-up today after about a year in storage. I've set up an improvised base as i'm still waiting on the return of my hammer drill to mount my wall bracket, but I have a pair of Xindak MNU 8800s on loan for a few weeks and dont want to miss a second of hearing them and the TT. My new room is smaller, but better treated. I am noticing more surface noise than I remembered from before and would love some advice on where about folks have found the "sweet spot" Level? a little forward? a Little lower in the back? Using a EAR 834P (wish i could find a middle ground between MM and MC on that) Thanks
I used a new Concerto on a graham 2.2, The Concerto is very lively and very clear. I soon realised that it favored the leading edge of almost every note (verified in conversation with Musical Surroundings) This ruined the illusion of the instrument/performer being in the room. It soon became impossible to enjoy any Lp. This may be why you are hearing an increase in surface noise.
I used the Concerto on my JMW 12.5 arm and VPI table and did not experience any additional surface noise. I'd check your alignment again with a good set up disc and also the tracking force. I think I ran mine at 1.9 gram tracking force. I had the VTA set at level since by ear it sounded good at this setting. On real thin records I set it down about 4mm to smooth the lean sound that could result. I still found the imaging good on this cartridge and enjoyed the leading edge attack but it still gave a great sound stage in my system. For the money a very nice cartridge that leans just a tad to the warm side of neutral, but not by much. Not as lean as my old Van den hul. The higher the VTA the more air but also leaner. The lower the VTA the duller the sound. I actually made very small 2mm movements up in VTA until the bass started to lose definition, then back it down until the bass sounds natural again. Small moves up or down on VTA can make a big difference. I like moving up first, then back off. Some advise three different reference LPs, one thin, one 180gram, then a normal thickness and average between the three setting to dial in a good all around setting. Good luck; this is the fun part of analog.
It's sitting at pretty much level, it does sound amazing. I gave the records a good scrubbing and things are sounding pretty good. The imaging I'm getting now is similar to what I remember from when I first set it up (impressive) Making fine adjustments with the VTA on the unify is so damn near impossible and any fiddling which requires adjustments to the tone arm, VTA/tracking force, leave me in a sweat as it brings memories of snapping off the tip on my previous cart and if this one goes i am out of the analog game for the foreseeable future, so the risk reward analysis is a complex one at the moment. Hifimaniac... you serious ran it at 1.9grams? Clearaudio says 2.8 and leaves it at that for the tracking force, is that a typo?

Thank you for the advice it is not a typo, run it closer to the heavy side.
Keilschmeil, I am so sorry; Yes, it is 2.9! Sorry. I pulled out my sheet inside the box and the recommended tracking force for my specific cartridge was 2.9! Don't want to run lighter as that creates more damage than a little too heavy. Sorry for my mistake.
I figured that was the case.
no need for apology.

Thank you again