Clearaudio Concept with Ortofon 2M Bronze

I just picked up a Clearaudio Concept with the MM cartridge. Though I really like the sound, I think the Bronze has a nicer sound. Anyone have any experience with this cartridge-table combo? The major spec difference between the two cartridges is the compliance; 15 for the Clearaudio and 22 for the Bronze. Not being an expert, I can't tell if the Bronze will work well with the Verify tonearm on the Concept. And if I can use the Bronze on this arm, what alignment protractor should I use on this table? I have the MFSL Geodisc.

Thanks in advance.
Hey Jim,

I work for Ortofon, so maybe I can shed some light on your question.

The 2M Bronze is designed for all medium-mass arms.

Compliance, while a meaningful figure, is always examined within the context of the cartridge weight.

Since the 2M Bronze is 7.2 grams versus the Concept MM at 10 grams, you would still maintain great compatibility with the Concept arm despite the compliance being different.

As far as the Geodisc is concerned... That's what I use! But any Baerwald-based alignment tool would be equally good. Geodisc is a bit quicker to use than a standard 2-point protractor, which is why I like it.

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I appreciate the response. I mounted my 2M Bronze on my Concept and what a difference ! With minimal adjustments the cartridge alignment is spot on. Much beter extension and detail, particularly in the upper registers versus the stock Concept MM cartridge. Much more pleasing to my ears.

Thanks again,