Clearaudio Concept with Hana E or S series?

Just received my used Clearaudio Concept TT in pristine condition (thanks Joe.)  Now I'm in the market for a cartridge. I'm 99% sold on the Hana product. In the reviews, they state that the S model is marginally better 
but really benefits from more expensive tonearms. The arm on the Concept is the Verify (lowest rung on the
Clearaudio ladder.)  That said, would I be buying to much cartridge (S model) for the tonearm I have?


 Well, ask yourself this:  Would I rather have a very good cartridge, good enough to make different arms discernible,or should I scrimp and get something cheaper? I think the arm you have is surely good enough to warrant a decent cartridge. The Hana SL is very good and it really isnt that expensive. Elusive Disc is running specials. Good luck with whatever you decide.
Hi Mark,

I would suggest that this is more a question of tonality than
of price tags.

The elliptical diamond in the "E" gives a slightly warmer sound
whereas the sharper "S" gives a little more resolution and top end.

So you should ask yourself which tonality is the better match
to the rest of your system and your desires.