Clearaudio Concept vs. Emotion, and beyond

I've been looking at the new 'Concept' online, and I'm a bit confused. Is the less expensive 'Concept' better than the 'Emotion SE'? I ask because the Concept's platter is the same as the new 'Innovation', and the speed variation is claimed to be 0.04%. The Emotion is 0.2 and even the far more expensive 'Solution' is 0.1.

Has anyone compared these?

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Haven't compared but I have the new Concept and it's very impressive. It competes favorably with the Roksan Radius 5 with the Nima arm.
The Concept has a poorly implemented tonearm that allegedly violates Frank Schroeder's US and European Union Patents. That one will see a courtroom.
I just listened to the concept at the audio shop and I was seriously impressed. It smokes the $2800 VPI Scout Master at half the price. WOW, the bass in that set up was a tad loose but everything else was incredible for the money. After that I listened to a $300K digital set up. I like the concept better believe it or not.
I may get one soon.