Clearaudio Concept Tear Down

Had a moment last night, and decided to take my Concept apart. Thankfully, curiosity didn’t kill this Jazz Cat...

This was spurred on because of a noise coming from the motor. That, and when I started looking into the noise, I noticed the pully was vibrating. Not good.

Pulled it all apart, removed the motor and cleaned the pully which had a coating of rubber. Suspect that was part of the vibration problem. I also added some damping in all the motor mounts in the form of electrical tape.

When reassembling, I made sure to tighten everything down properly, including the diy spiked feet I made for it. Noise and vibration from motor were gone!

Was quite surprised and the improvement when I had it up and running again. Better dynamics, clearer highs and a more transparent mid.

Super pleased, and quite frankly surprised at the improvement.

Any others have experiences like this?
fo.q tape???

I know not of this?
mc wears it on his auricles. Keeps his ears from vibrating.
TA-102 Tuning Absorber Tape

Thanks! Will look into this some more.