Clearaudio Concept Recommended Phono Stages

Would like recommendations on a complementary phono stage to go with the following equipment.

Genelec active 5 channel speaker system
Anthem AVM 30 processor
Clearaudio Concept turntable with factory MM cartridge, or other recommendations in the $1,500 price range.

Basically trying to get some use out of my 30 year old LP collection. I may end up assembling a dedicated 2 channel system, but for now just want to get my feet wet again. Not really on a tight budget, but I don't want to spend more than this price point of turntable warrants.
Room size is 13W X 20L x 12H.
At the $1500 price point, I would consider the Vaccumstate JLTI and Pass XOno.
Both belong to the very best phonostages IMO and hold their own against some more expensive ones (Aesthetix Rhea, Canofer S, EAR, ASR).
make sure you get rid of the $100 clearaudio m.m.
I agree with upgrading that cart, that table sounds fantastic with clear audios better MM carts. as for phono pre amps try find a Audio Research ls3 used, great for the money . Good luck , Christopher
Any recommendations on a good starter cart in the $200 to $300 range, or a retailer that offers knowledgeable customer service?
Clearaudio Smartphono mm mc switchable