Clearaudio Concept or Rega RP6?

I've narrowed my research down to two tables. I can't decide which one to pull the trigger on. Help!
I would go for the Rega. It's pretty good at the price and there is an upgrade path as funds become available, here. To start, go for the Rega Drive Belt Upgrade. I'm sure Funk will also be modifying the RP6 arm in the near future.
I have no experience with Clearaudio, but I purchased a Rega P7, 7 years ago, and have never regretted it. I assume the RP series is even better. But my advice is that I found a good and equal phonostage makes a big difference. I started with an inexpensive Bellari, then upgraded to a Whest, and I'm about to upgrade again to a ... still looking. Rega requires zero effort to set up and start using, I am an avid listener, but I'm not big on fiddling with technology to the start line. Hope this helps.
I actually went with a b-stock VPI Scout.....