Clearaudio Concept Cartridge Replacement

So I busted the cartridge on my turntable trying to measure the tracking force; made real heavy weather of it. After measuring, I played a record and midway the song stopped playing while the record merrily revolved. It is my assumption that the stylus is broken. Keeping that I have ordered a Concept V2 MM Cartridge. Now, I am wondering how do I replace it. If someone could point me towards some video tutorials that could help do this. Here in Mumbai, it is very difficult to get someone to repair or after-sales service high-end equipment.

The other replacement question I have is, is it possible to use a cartridge from some other maker on this Concept Wood turntable? I had these cartridges in mind: Nagaoka MP110, Grado Black/Green or Golding Elektra. Does anyone have a view on these cartridges? Someone told me these cartridges have a lower VTF, while my TT takes higher VTF cartridges. In which case, what carts would be good to go with Clearaudio Concept.
First problem is your budget, second problem is your knowledge about turntable setup, search youtube if you want tutorial. Read the manual for your cartridge and your tonearm (if you don't have it you can download it).

-VTF doesn't matter, because you balance tonearm before you set VTF and the different between 1.5g or 2.5g for MM is not a big deal for any tonearm.

-Nagaoka is one of those strange LOW COMPLIANCE cartridges.
-Grado is HIGH COMPLIANCE cartridge. 

Read this article about cartridge compliance and tonearm mass. 

And look for Garrott Brothers cartridges here (prices are in AUSTRALIAN dollars, not in US Dollars). 

Why is my budget a problem, I haven't even mentioned a budget.

My knowledge certainly is an issue that's why I was wondering if someone could point me to a tutorial since I can't find one on Youtube, for Concept. I'll try and find a manual for the cartridge and tonearm, but I doubt one exists.

And thank you much for the links.

You can check there but there are many tutorials if you google for how to set up a cartridge including youTube videos for your Concept.
Time for you to study and practice. It is the only way. 

The tonearm on that table has an effective mass of 8 grams. A Grado would be a nice fit! This is a nice tool to find cartridge and arm compatibility!
@chakster I found the manual for both tonearm and cartridge. Think to get all this, as you suggest, one might need mental ability along with perseverance. I’ll try though. Thank you for the help.

@petg60 Thank you for the link.
If you're looking for better cartridge what is your budget? I could recommend something very interesting. 
Nagaoka is one of those strange LOW COMPLIANCE cartridges.
That sound fantastic. The MP200 is a wonderful cartridge.
Use a MM Specific pre-amp as outlined Fremmer at Sterophile and you will be very very happy and you will have a serviceable cartridge stylus.