Clearaudio Concept and Audio Technica AT6006R tonearm lifter???

I have good and bad news.
Just took delivery of my new Audio Technica AT6006R arm lifter. Took maybe 45 minutes to install, quite a bit of adjustment to get it right. The good news, it works great, looks great and built quality is impressive. 
Now the bad news. The Concept table offers little space between the platter and bottom plate of the tonearm assembly, it fits but it puts the 6006R trigger antenna over the record by about 1/4". So getting the record off the
platter requires some finagling and so far considerable patience.
Will I keep the 6006R lifter? Probably with reservation, I need something to lift the tonearm. 
So, Concept owners thinking about a tonearm liter, you've been warned. Not sure any of the more expensive lifters will do any better.
If you have come up with a better solution, please respond.  

So... any reactions to the solution I shared on the video? Curious if you find this helpful.  😀

Very neat installation.  It looks like it came from the factory that way.  I have the Clearaudio Performance DC Wood with the Tracer tonearm.  The arrangement where the tone arm post meets the plinth is quite different from your Concept.  I haven't seen a lift I think would fit.  If anyone has a suggestion I would appreciate  hearing it.  I have an old Q-Up I used on an AR turntable about forty years ago that I might be able to use with a spacer, but it looks so cheesy I don't want to mar the looks of my turntable with it.

@Kingharold I see how the space is more limited with the Tracer (what a beauty btw).  My recommendation is to get the AT-6006R and try it on the tiny space between the black round base and the silver base. Something I did not try because it was not necessary but was in my options plan, was to bend the lift wire trigger to a position where it will be reached by the tonearm out of the way of the platter, it seems to me like that could work.  All other options are either not elegant or have a larger footprint or are too expensive to just try it out. Clearaudio Performance DC with Tracer Tonearm

     My first Safety Raiser cost me $19.95 and treated my Unitrac arm very gently, for 30 years.

     Ten years ago it got a bit too energetic, so: found a NOS/NIB replacement and paid $129.00 (gladly).     The box still had the $19.95 tag on it.

     A little trick that makes adjusting the Raiser a snap:

          Stretch the thinnest O-ring you can locate over the inner tube, to hold your height adjustment, while you determine/lock the horizontal position.