Clearaudio Classic Wood vs Grado Gold?

Hello, I am considering upgrading to one of these cartridges.
Currently I have a Pro-ject Xpression III Turntable which came with a factory installed Ortofon 2M Red.

Any opinion on the Clearaudio Classic wood vs the Grado Gold.
Grado Gold has a lot more opinions and reviews. It's hard to find information on the Clearaudio Classic wood.


-- Sanjay
both should be an improvement..the grado is exceptional and easy to mount.
I have a Pro-Ject 2 Xperience onto which I installed a Grado Gold. I loved the sound until I damaged the stylus (I am an idiot, by the way) but there was more than just a little hum. I did not find it a problem with any Jazz. However, with classical LPs and long, very quiet passages, the hum would become evident.

I am not entirely convinced that the hum was necessarily turntable-induced as much as it was just the general environment. The actual motor of my TT turns off when it is shut off and there was no rise or dip in the hum - it was always there.

I read a place or two that Grado has occasionally fixed carts. with hum issues on turntables that are usually not a problem. I am considering sending mine in to have the stylus replaced so they can "check it out" and maybe find a cure for the hum.

Let us know what you choose and how you like it!
The Grado is more forgiving. It has a big midrange and a warmer sound. The Clearaudio will be more accurate, less forgiving and will not accentuate any frequency range. The Clearaudio has threaded holes so install is easier.

You may need to worry about Grado hum as Don mentioned. What is your phono stage and how do you like the 2M Red?
Well, I don't really have any reference points to compare cartridges with. But I don't dislike the sound of the 2M Red.
It sounds good. I don't find it fatiguing or anything. But I suppose it's probably not very warm if I understand that term correctly.

I am just using the phono stage in my DK Design Integrated amp right now. Although I am contemplating getting the Cambridge Audio 540P or the 640P.
My clearaudio wood had a factory defect. Stylus was mounted to the cantilever with a 20 degree forward tilt. I ended up buying a microscope and putting several tiny strips of paper between the front of the cartridge and the mount to achieve vta. It is quite amazing what you see through a pocket microscope laying on a pile of play-doh. The stylus on my (current) zyx cartridge is about 1/5 the size of the one that was in the clearaudio. It as been awhile for me, but read about sra, stylus rake angle. I learned a lot from that defective cartridge.