Clearaudio Champion L2 vs. VPI

I really like Clearaudio Champion L2's look and it's priced similarly (before Musical Surrounding raised the price) as a VPI Aries. Given the heft and typical German engineering, I thought Clearaudio should have an edge. This is not to mention VPI is following Clearaudio step in many ways - inverted bearing, all acrylic platter, outer ring, etc.

Stereophile gave Clearaudio Champion L2 a so-so rating, even lower than a VPI Scout. Fortunately, I don't ever trust Stereophile and would much rather hear it from owners or your trusted ears instead. What have you compared your Champion L2 with? What arm are you using? Best vibration device to go under this heavy table?
I'm not an expert but the L2 is has a much more massive platter than the Scout, which has got to be a plus. Take that for what it's worth.
From the design stand point, L2 should be a winner. Take the spindle, Scout to Aries upgrade includes larger spindle, bearing, and platter which is exactly what Clearaudio provides initially. And despite what VPI claims - all acrylic platter is superior to their older acrylic/stainless platter despite the inertia loss, VPI gives you larger platter as you move up the line which proves that inertia still matters. The old favorite, Micro Seiki and JC Verdier all have huge and high mass platter for the same reason.

Has anyone compared the sound side by side?