Clearaudio Champion 2 TT with Graham/SME tonearm?

Any body has experience with

1. Champion 2 with Graham 2.2
2. Champion 2 with SME V

I have problem with installing these arms on this TT. The problem is SME DIN connector does not fit into the arm base. Any suggestion?

Thanks in advance
Could you elaborate:

"The problem is SME DIN connector does not fit into the arm base."
It's a tight fit, but will fit if you install the cable before mounting the arm.

I was able to use Harmonic Cu Phono w/ 90 degree DIN on SME IV.Vi which has the same base as SME V.
hi semi

i'm interested in your armboard. how did you make the armboard? could you be so kind to have a photo?
where to put image files? I can upload some photos.

after half a day trying, SME V tightly fits. the most difficult part is to adjust cartridge. the cable always sticks there. SME DIN connector is large and lays horizontally.

I still cannot install Graham 2.2

I no longer own Clearaudio Champ 2, so can't help you there. There is only one armboard that will fit SME/Graham. The trick is mount the arm and cable on the board first before putting it on the 6 pillar tower. It's painful to do it that way, but that's the only way to mount SME on Champ 2.

I wish they have a different design for the arm base.