Clearaudio Basic Plus Phono Preamp Upgrade?

I use Denon Moving Coils. Currently using the 301mkII. Will move upwards as they mate well with the DP-60L turntable.

Currently running the table into a Clearaudio Basic Plus into a Pathos Classic mki Integrated amp. The speakers are Amphion Argon2's.

I love detail, tight bass, and a tall involving sound stage.

Unfortunately, I live in the sticks and have to make my purchases on reading reviews and prior knowledge. Very familiar with the rega sound, marantz, sota sapphires, etc.

I would love a MC phono preamp that auto adjusts to the needs of the cartridge. I considered a Clearaudio Basic Symmetry, but they are hard to come by.

Thanks for your help and I am eager for a new direction!
I bought a TTVJ hybrid here on Audiogon. TTVJ = Todd the vinyl junkie. I'm very happy with it. It replaced a Bellari 129 which had a cap upgrade.