Clearaudio basic phono preamplifier any one?????

Hello there to all you people!
Anyone with any experience with the Clearaudio Basic phono preamplifier? Cant seem to find too much info?

I use the Clearaudio micro basic phono section and it is a great piece for the money.. I have compared it to the musical surroundings and the Parasound.. The clearaudio is the best. Outboard powersupply, gound post, small actually the micro basic is the one you want.. can use either mm or mc. Cant say enough about the sound quality.. a simply clean transparent phonostage..
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I also have a Micro Basic and the only thing that will make me upgrade is an EAR tubed unit. I think the Clearaudio unit sounds great, not just for the money, but great period. It will be a long while before I swap it out, I was just reading the manual last night and saw that they mention power cable polarity, something for me to do tonight.
I bought the Clearaudio "micro basic" from Music Direct. My preamp just didn't have enough juice to give the Gold Ring Eroica on my mmf-7 enough get up and go.

After I hooked up the Clearaudio my sound was phenomenal. I got more output, dead silence between cuts, great dimension and response, and bass response I never knew my system was capable of. This is the single best improvement I have ever made to my system, and at only $300, It's a steal!

Hope this helps and Happy Listening!
I got mine from my local audio shop(Aurant) here in Salt Lake for only $200! An absolute steal!
What about symphono phono stage? Anyone