Clearaudio Aurum Beta S vs. Denon 103R

I currently have a Denon 103R and love it. I am thinking of adding a Clearaudio Aurum Beta S and wonder if this will be a noticeable upgrade. The Denon is MC and the Clearaudio a MM so I don't know what to expect. I am running it on an LP12 with OL Silver arm and a Rogue Stealth pre.
I am not sure you'd consider it an upgrade...if you 'love' the 103r, why change it?
Something interesting would be to mod the 103r to p[ut a wood body onto it, like here:
there is a review here:
I would seriously consider something like that rather than going to an MM cart (especially when you like the MC)
Yes, do the wood body on your 103R. There is some pretty compelling info at the vinyl asylum (just do a search there using aurum beta and audio technica) suggesting the Aurum Beta S is nothing more than a slightly improved AT 95.

My guess is that a $69 AT 120E would equal or better the Aurum Beta S.