clearaudio aurum beta s Help

I brought a 2nd hand clearaudio aurum beta s lately and mounted on SME V. I am sure the set up is OK but I am having this problem that the image will sway from the centre to the right and back for a second at times. I thing it is tracking problem but when I replay the same passage, it may not do it every time. Please if anyone has got the same problem before?
Is it onlyy on one record or on all of them. If the record spindle hole is punched off center, it could cause the problem you are referring to.
Renewing this thread. The cartridge is fine. It happened that the internal wiring at the base of my SME V has been twisted too much. I unwounded them and it is all good now.
Hi Luna. I have the same problem. How did you unwound the internal wiring in the base of the SME.V arm?