Clearaudio Aurum Beta S

My Clearaudio Aurum Beta S (metal body) was installed on my table in 2001 and only used occasionally. I have been told that it may be past its prime - suspension rubber dried. I also was told that this would be apparent from both a visual and aural point of view. My question is; what are the symptoms of cartridge past its prime?
I am a dealer and a good dealer could help you.

The sound will get lean with less bass and the bass will be snappy like you hear bass on a ribbon speaker. Not round and full.

Inside grooves of a record with have splashy highs and smeared S's on singers.

Dealers that sell Clear Audio, Benz, and some others will have trade in prices for you because you can trade in yours.
Thanks for the good advice. I called a local ClearAudio dealer and he told me exactly the same thing. He added that there could be lots of mistracking nearer the inner grooves of a record.

I have an appointment Saturday morning to get him to look and listen and replace the cartridge if necessary. The only question now is, do I spend more money on this 20+ year old VPI HW-19 or buy something new.
Well, hooked everything up last night, made some adjustments, and it sounded great - much better than I expected. So I guess the cartridge is ok.