Hello, I was wondering if anyone, familiar with clearaudio tables, (mine is the emotion w/ satisfy arm),

1. What is the best sounding cart. you have heard on this table. and....

2. I currently am using the aurum classic wood, and was curious, if i upgraded to say a virtuoso wood, would i fully realize the improvement with this table and arm setup ?

thanks, reade.
I really enjoyed the Koetsu Urishi on the Reference. The cart on this table did not suffer from much of the softness some complain is characteristic of Koetsus.
i would say do it...the virtuoso is one the the finest mm's on the planet. certainly as nice as any mc in its price range.
I owned the Virtuoso and also the Alpha (at separate times). Granted that I had them on different tables/arms, but the Virtuoso was much better, a great cartridge IMO.

go for the MC,
I have the emotion with the benz micro ace low output and it truly sounds amazing. I used to have the aurum classics wood and there is no comparison. the detail and air with the benz is awesome.
Dear Readster: As Jaybo post the Virtuoso will be a quality improvement over the Aurum and match perfectly with your Emotion.

To go for a MC cartridge like the Urushi ( like Siddh post ) is a good alternative but not for your Emotion/tonearm combination, for that you need a better tonearm. I think that you can do that with your Scoutmaster.

Regards and enjoy the music.