Clear upgrade from 10T's?

Here's my story....

My new home set up requires that my Ariel 10T's be fairly close to the wall (12-18 in.) so, though I really have enjoyed them, I'm not getting the best sound.

My question: What should I audition that,is a clear upgrade to the Ariels, and performs at its best near the wall?

I have Bryston 7ST monos driving the 10T's, a Cinepro 3KSE driving the center and surrounds and a Proceed AVP2 pre/pro.

Thanks for any guidance and advice.
You might be hard-pressed to find a speaker that performs at its best that close to the wall. You might consider looking for a transmission line design from Spendor, Fried, or Carolina Audio. I think these are supposed to behave better near walls than other designs. You're right about the 10Ts. They need all the space they can get.
ATC speakers? I'm asking not suggesting.
I owned 10T's for several years. Went to Avalon Eclipse. Went to Goldmund Dialogue. Now have Zu Druids and discovered, much to my wife's delight, that they perform very well smack up against the front wall. No image problem, no bass problem, no kidding. You won't need those big amps though .......... the Druids are very efficient.
I take it you are not enamored of the 20T?
Gregadd, I don't think the 20t's would work against the wall either. As with the 10t's, too much bass reinforcement against the wall to achieve good sound.
Thanks for the replies. Am I correct in assuming that a rear-ported base design is not well-suited for my application (ie near the front wall)?

As for the 20T's, I have not heard them but I think they have a sealed base unit.
I also need to be close to the wall, I bought a pair Tyler Woodmere,s they work very well appox 12" from the back wall.(they are a front ported design) although they are larger than your 10t,s and designed for a large room. If they are larger than you need check out some of his other front ported speaker systems.
I too had the 10's. I moved to Montana EPS. They have the port in the front,although I never had them against the wall.--Beg to the misses,your a 'phile and your speaker needs its space."Up-against-the-wall" seems like it is preparing to be shot??
AV George..does that approach work in your house? Unfortunately, my current set up does not allow to put the Ariels 3-4 feet into the room as I would like.

I am intrigued by the Druids. How are they on bass? I know the Definitions have been getting alot of press on this site by they are a little pricey.
Hi Vincent,

The 20t's are bottom ported, which means they don't have to be quite as far from the rear wall as the 10t's. However, I still don't think they would work well against the wall. There have been some interesting speakers mentioned here as I sometimes think about moving to more efficient speaker myself.

Best of luck,