Clear Highs Out of Fashion?

Imagine my surprise shopping around to find marketing focusing on whom can best mimic the tube sound. I'm moving on from an EL84 amplifier, the least tubey tube amp I've crossed paths with and the sweetness is not for me.

I thrive on well done crystalline highs; brought about by sparkling synths and crashing cymbals. This sound is out of fashion? Maligned due to the icy/gritty analytic sound of the past? I've made a shortlist of components that don't shy away from their solid-state roots and which are not known for restraining their highest octaves.

Job 225
Resolution Audio Cantana C50 2
Wadia a102/a315

I can only hope I've let many good products fly under my radar and some of the above made the list simply for being unreviewed. Thier marketing lacked reference to 'tubelike' or 'anolog' sound. Surely there are more options for SS fans who prefer sparkly or clear sound?