Clear Day XLR

I recently Received a pair of Pauls Double Shotgun Speaker cables to try out in my system which I must say sound wonderful. Well they made me interested in Pauls Interconnects. I contacted Him and with no obligation he sent me a new pair of XLRs to try out. My current ones are Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7's. these are being used between the Preamp and power amp. My system consists of an Audio Research Ref2 MK2 Preamp,Ref 7 CD player,VT200 Amp,Krell FPB400CX Amp and Infinity IRS Betas. I use The Vt200 for my Mid/High towers. Upon adding Pauls Cables I found they really opened up the sound stage, Vocals really improved and the Music is way more detailed.Over all much better sound with no Harshness. These are new And I am sure they will even get Better once Broken in. I plan to change all my Cables soon with Clear Days. Paul is a Great guy to deal with and A true Gentleman.
Agree totally, I also changed all my speaker and XLR to solid core 99.999 silver cable and never look back.
Thanks Vito....just as a precaution to others....(I use silver cables too) Sometimes silver can be unnaturally favorable to highs (thinking of Nordost and others in MY system). Cables always sound different in different systems. Its wise to live with whatever your choice is before buying.
Vito, I got one of the first pair of Paul's XLRs last year. They replaced by AZ Absolute Coppers, but that doesn't mean in my system they do everything better. They are slightly smoother and have more extended highs. The mids are great, but from the upper bass to the lower bass the AZ is better. Deeper and more articulate. The Clear Day is also just a bit soft by comparison. However in balance I decided I can keep these in place until something better comes along. YMMV. One of the great things is how nice it is to deal with Paul. Not many like him out there.