Clear Day w Solid State, any users and impressions

Im leaning towards clear days for speaker cables, only hesitating because, being overseas, I cant try em out but have to commit. And so am wondering if there are any others out there running pauls cables w ss gear, and whether silver's alleged lack of warmth manifests itself especially strongly w ss gear.
Also, Paul recommended matching speaker sensitivity to strand density, sothe lower your sensitivity, the more strands he suggests you use. I was wondering what sensitivity speakers folks are running w whch type of Pauls cables, and whether you had a chance to compare the different types on your system. My speakers are 90db sensitive, and am thinking of getting pauls shotguns, as the doubles are too expensive for me right now. Thanks,

I had them with SS and I submit they are very good and you must spend considerably more money to get minimum improvement. I currently have Silver Audio cables and I believe they sound like the recording. If it's recorded well it shows and if it's not you will hear it.
I have the Clear Day cables and they are excellent, better than the Morrow SP-6 for a lot less money than Morrow, and much better than Anti Cables. Paul is a great guy to deal with. He offers a 30 day trial so if you don't like it you can send back. I highly recommend using what he recommends based on your system make-up. He is very straight forward and will not oversell. In fact he told me to use his singles instead of the double shotgun in two of my amps. I run a tri-amped active system and use 2 sets of his singles and a regular shotgun for my bass. My bass and tweeter are on solid state amps, my horn speakers are tube mono block amps.
Anyone else care to comment?
I run a pair of Double Shotguns from NuForce Ref 9 mono amps to very revealing 89db Intuitive Design Summit speakers.

They're smooth, balanced, dynamic, detailed, flat-out musical, and NEVER hint toward brightness, edginess or lack of warmth.
Everything said is true. Paul is a great guy (only spent an hour or two on the phone with the man, but would consider him family). His cables sound great. His cables taught me what "fleshed out" means. Great inner detail, extended and airy highs. Bass wasn't as strong as some 10 gauge copper cables but...

I ended up going with Signal Cables Silver Resolution because they cost less and had better bass extension, at the cost of some inner detail and high end sparkle and air. I honestly may try Clear Day cables again someday, and I will more than likely be wiring my speakers (internally, from the crossover to the drivers) with Clear Day cables; my tweeters are definitely getting Clear Day cables.

I have not heard the harshness people talk about with silver cables, and I don't like bright sounding systems.

The first thing you will notice is that they are a small gauge (especially the single shotguns) and are light weight, the second thing you'll notice is how good they sound.
I have Paul's double shotguns, which replaced my Audioquest Volcano's. They were better in most areas except the lower bass.

Paul is a pleasure to deal with. Customer service is first rate!
I find going to Paul's higher gauge adds more warmth to the tonal balance, IMHO
I have the Double Shotguns and have listened to them on nothing but solid state amplifiers. They are not bright IME. I would characterize them as neutral with well controlled bass and smooth, open, mids and highs. They offer very good detail with excellent staging. Highly recommended cables.
I agree. Clear Day cables are great sounding speaker cables and are not bright. I have used mine with plenty of solid state gear. They do not sound stereotypically like silver (edgy, bright, etc.) so they work equally well with both tubes and solid state.