Clear Day vs. Triode Wire Labs speaker cables

I've heard great things about both Clear Day Double Shotgun and Triode Wire Labs speaker cables.  Does anyone have any experience comparing the two?  Thanks.
I just replaced most of my system cables with Clear Day.... the stuff is amazing.  The cables they replaced cost on the order of 8-10X the cost of the Clear Day.  I have not heard Triode Wire Labs though.
I second the Clear Day cables recommendation. Amazing cables for the money. No experience with Triode Wire Labs. Best thing to do is ask for home demo and compare the cables. The only thing you might have to pay is the return postage, which should be less than $10. Nothing to loose. Good luck.
I recently replaced Kimber 8tc cables with Clear Day double shotguns. Over time I've changed out amps, pre amps, sources, DACs and nothing improved my system more than the Clear Day speaker cables. I recommend giving them a try. 
Fortunately you are dealing with the two of the best people in the cable industry with Pete at TWL and Paul at Clear Day.

I had  both in my house at the same time to audition and ultimately decided on the TWL. I found the TWL had better balance up and down the frequency range. It was fuller and harmonically richer. The Clear Day a bit thinner sounding IMHO.

Paul was a true gentleman when I asked to return his cable. 

Both TWL and Clear Day came with home trials. Order both and decide! Neither Paul or Peter will have any issues in refunding your money. Really a couple of true gentlemen in the industry.
Can't speak for TWL but I have a complete set up of Clear Day; double shotguns, jumpers, single and balanced cables. Great cables for the money. I would not call them thin at all and they sound very good on my large Pass amp on Aerial Acoustic speakers. What I did discover after moving to another more expensive cable was the Clear Day don't have as much air and stage compared to some other more expensive cables. I still have all my Clear Days and I plan on using them in another system. No desire to sell them. Very good cables that reach well beyond their price point. Sounds like TWL is just as good to deal with so try them both out. Paul is a great guy to work with.
FWIW, I received a set of loaner Clear Day Double Shotgun's and two wire Jumpers from Paul yesterday. I have about 10 hours of listening on them now. I had two full runs of Audioquest Gibralter w/dbs as a true biwire set up. 

So far the Clear Day'are not disappointing! I wanted three wire jumpers, but the twin lead was all he had available for loan. The first thing I noticed on The Eagles Hell Freezes Over CD is the audience sounds more lifelike than with the AQ. Next, the hi-hat was crisper and the snare drum is a bit hotter. Nice. Joe Walsh and Timothy B Schmit's silibant's are right on point.

On Ann Bisson, I live in the Treetops, her vocals are amazing with the dead quiet balanced Ayre CX7emp, Classe'CP-60 with the outboard power supply and the Dual mono Levinson.

On Incubus, Morning View,,,,this CD has bass in spades! Very nimble, fast very tight with the Totem Hawks with their amazing long throw woofer. Better control and weight over the AQ Gibralter. No bloat or overhang. The disc also has a DJ that provides tons of additional sound effects. They are all heard through the Clear Day Cables. Hand claps sound more natural also. 

So far the Clear Day Cables appear to perform very well, at least in my system, room etc.

Your experience mirrors mine. Somehow I feel ClearDay passes more music through. So I guess it means they pass more current? Whatever it is, they work like charm in my system. I had apprehensions that they would sound bright in my system, being all solid state. On the contrary I find them pretty neutral.
I don't have any experience with Clear Day...but have heard excellent positive reviews. But I do have TWL Speaker cables and they are excellent. I also have TWL power cords and they are also excellent!
..another positive and happy user of Clear Day cables.

Just order both TWL and Clear Day cables and explain to Paul and Pete that you intend to compare the two and will return the cable that doesnt mesh with the rest of your system. I'm positive neither would have a problem with that.

The only way to find out is for yourself. Like they say, opinions are like a-holes. lol
Thank you all for your feedback.  I should be able to compare the two in a couple weeks.  I will definitely share my findings later. 
milpai, (and others in copy) I'm still listening to the Clear Day Double Shotgun's.

I currently have a pair of the (2) strand Jumpers. I understand that you use the (4) strand Jumper from Clear Day. Did you audition the (2) or (3) strand configuration? If so was there any difference in sound? 

Also, I  received a second set of Double Shotgun's this weekend. Installed them yesterday. I have eight speaker posts on my Levinson amp so have them in a true biwire configuration. Two sets of Doubles. 

I initially installed them onto the high frequency posts. At first they sounded rolled off on the top end. And they didn't appear as nimble overall compared to the Jumper configuration. After a few hours, I decided to put the newer cables on the low frequency post and the ones with more playing time on the top. I can still tell the newer cable needs to settle in before it reaches full potential. 

However, at this time I am amazed at the transparency, soundstaging and imaging with the Jumpers. Perhaps even better than with the Double/Doubles. I need to let the second set to catch up to the original set before making a final decision.


Out of curiousity did you ever decide between the two?
I missed your question earlier. No, I did not try 3 strands. But I did have 2 strands, and the 4 made a noticeable difference for me.
What route did you finally go?

Where did you end up in your cable search?
I apologize for not posting this earlier, but I now have TWL hooked up in my system.  Both Clear Day and TWL sound good, but TWL sounds fuller and richer to me.  I know this may not be a fair comparison since TWL's price is higher than Clear Day's.  Anyhow, for $500 and under, Clear Day is definitely hard to beat, but if one can stretch the budget a bit more, then I would definitely recommend TWL. 
Good pick OP!
 I have used TWL power cords for a few years now. They bested PCs twice the cost and more --and boy did I go through some brands!

 I recently added the TWL speaker cables and they are much better sounding in my system than even the 'official cables' recommended by my speaker builder, that are twice the cost as TWL. Petes SCs also beat out cables that retailed for almost 5k --directly compared...
 My system has truly never sounded flowed so organic and natural. They seemed to of filled in some 'holes' in the soundstage, as well. I love these things. 

It is always good to choose whichever cables suit your system. So good for you that you were able to make a decision based on your personal experience. Enjoy your music!