Clear audio professional or klaudio record cleaner

Hi Goners!
I would like to hear from owners of either device as to if they considered both and why they chose one over the other....
Both are not inexpensive so a " realtime user's" opinion would really help me out!
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Have used both, most definitely prefer the KL Audio. Very easy to use, i.e. no clamping down of records, use distilled water only, and gets the records ultimately clean.

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I prefer KL Audio, I've had many record cleaning machines and this one produces best sound and also is also the easiest to use.

Also, some machines are not equipped to deal with 10” and 7” records. KL Audio has adapters to accommodate these.
Sadly, these machines, while very effective at cleaning, are way over priced. You can land a very effective ultrasonic cleaning machine in the US for about $1300, shipped from Hong Kong, all shipping, transaction, processing fees and bank fees included. Yes, since it will be a 220 volt model you will need to buy a $12 step down mains unit. Why pay more?
Had VPI 17f now using KL Audio much better .
Kl Audio

I have had my machine 1 1/2 years
It is incredible in performance, no slaving over the machine, industrially built but great display and options


Even on mint new records
^ I am pretty sure a step down unit won't work. You need to step up to 220-240 from a 120 circuit. That requires two hot wires, one from each leg of the wiring into your house. That doesn't mean it's impossible. A circuit off your electric dryer or water heater would work. Maybe even a diy extension cord.
B117, do you have a link to that machine ?



Thanks, I checked it out seems like a pretty good deal. They have 2 models one appears to be a knock off of the AudioDesk, although I'm sure German manufacturing far surpasses Chinese manufacturing but at $ 888 its about 1/4 of the AudioDesk. It appears to have universal voltage as well.

The other model seems a little more original RW-800 but is only available in 230V - however no biggie as a small step-up transformer is easy to source

They appear to be marketed under the same brand as the excellent Hanss Turntables.

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Thanks to all for your contributions!
Think that, although Chinese unit appears to be well built,with no distributor in USA one problem or part needed would entail a long "adventure"!...:-)
And you'll want to find out the kHz of the Ultrasonics from the manufacturer. Makes a big difference according to threads on DIY Audio.
I too am interested in buying one. I am not counting on a step-up transformer
though. It would be nice if it works but I'm OK with it running off my dryer or
hot water circuit. I suggest a back-up plan if the transformer doesn't work out.
A google search of the suitability of those transformers suggests they may not
work in many applications. You can't just boost the voltage, there needs to be
120V applied to each leg of the circuit for many appliances to run properly.

"You can't just boost the voltage, there needs to be
120V applied to each leg of the circuit for many appliances to run properly."

Above statement is not correct and I'd strongly encourage you to use a step up transformer, and not connect the unit to your household 220V two phase circuit.

The units, if made to be operated Europe and Asia which have 220 to 240V AC voltage relative to Neutral. If made to operate in the Americas where the nominal household voltage is 110-120V relative to Neutral they will have a different mains power input circuitry (transformer or similar).

This device is vastly different form a Water Heater, AC unit or an Electrical dryer for examples which are designed to run on two phase 220V, the Record Cleaners are not, and again, I'd strongly encourage you to use a step-up transformer should you decide to order one up.

Im sure Jim (Jea48) will chime in on this one if he sees this tread

200W Step up transformer

Above link to a suitable step up transformer, I assume that 200W is enough, I tried to look for the power consumption of the Amari RW800 but could to find any info on it.

If yo go with the RW600, the AudioDesk knock off, it operates on universal voltage, 100V to 240V so no additional hardware is needed for this one.

I'll update with information when mine, RW800, arrives next week some time.

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Great. I'm excited to hear how the unit works.
I'm going to purchase the RW 600 I will keep you informed about it's performance. It sells for about $1400 on E bay.

You can get the RW600 from the link above for a little less, they seem like real nice folks, email them for a special discount, as the webpage states. All in the RW800 was $1298. If the same math applies you'd be looking at about $1250

Amari RW 600

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While this is by no means an automatic system, You can buy a properly sized ultrasonic cleaner domestically, and add this:
You would just air dry, but it works very well.

That machine really looks well built just like the KL audio.
Had the Loricraft and purchased the KL Audio.
So convenient having both sides cleaned at once.
Yeah I am lazy.
For Pbnaudio and anyone else who ordered the RW800, has the machine arrived, in good shape, and of course most important how well does it work. Curious minds need to know. Thanks.
I received my shipment form Cattylink today - unfortunately they shipped me the wrong item, a CD player. I have a couple of emails into them trying to correct the matter but have yet to receive a reply, which from some deep digging on various internet sites is not uncommon behavior from them in a case like this.

So until further notice I will discourage anyone from proceeding doing business with this company.

Stay tuned, as soon as I hear from them I will update you all.

Well ZERO response from the folks at Cattylink, so I'd caution strongly about buying anything form theses folks. Some folks have been lucky and got what they have ordered but it appears that as soon as an issue is up the are non responsive - quite disappointing.

Anyone looking for a CD Player :-)

Amari Arcana CD1.0

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A word of caution to anyone getting the RW600, make sure you try it out with some trashed LP for the first few washes.

Our group ordered a few RW600s, while most were fine, there was one unit that caused heat damage to the LP in the lead-in groove area.

Also, not sure whether this is the same case with Audio Desk / KL Audio, but a manual tug is required to start the LP turning with the RW600. I believe this has to do to the plastic lips (similar structure to the windshield wipers in cars) that hold the LP being too hard. It may get better when it soften with use.
saw this on youtube....RW600
I purchased a RW600 from eBay. $1399 plus shipping. Sent DHL and arrived at my door 3 days later.
I too need to start the record turning with a slight nudge. 
Someone on YouTube states these have no ultrasonic transducer. Seems to clean the record well, but I'll admit I do not see a transducer in the cleaning area. You can vary the length of the cleaning (not drying) cycle by holding in the red start button. More beeps = more cleaning time. The eBay seller did not know this, but the same person who states there's no ultrasonic cleaner in the unit told me this and it works.
The eBay seller states the factory told him the Ultrasonic frequency is 80 Hz. Presumably he meant 80 kHz.

I'd like to take mine apart and look for the ultrasonic transducers.
Does someone have a photo of the transducers in the Amari?

I have no idea whether it has any ultrasonic transducer, but the RW600 certainly cleans way better than the VPI HW17. My actual concern is (if it indeed has ultrasonic transducer) how can I tell whether it is still working after 1, 2, 3 years. Is there a way to check?

There was some comments about the potential problem of the ultrasonic erasing the high frequencies signal on an LP. I tried washing a cheap (but decent) LP on the RW600 for over 20 times and couldn’t detect any reduction in high frequencies.  In contract, the highs actually sounded more extended. So, I suppose it is safe.