cleaning with VPI 16.5 and Mobile Fidelity brushes

Do you like to apply fluid directly on the record, or on the brush?
I use the same as you do, with AIVS Cleaning Fluids.

I usually dribble a little of the cleaner forst onto the brush pad. Then I do just squirt the cleaners-rinses directly to the records. Some might say this isn't advisable, but I act quickly, the fluids get applied, and the machine, and brushes go into action quickly, so I feel there's no harm done.

About the only minor dislike one might note with the Mo Fi, or Disc Doctor Brush Pads, is that one will use a bit more fluids to first prime-wet the pads, but in my instance, I never just clean a few, I'll usually do from 12-15 records minimum before I throw in the towel, and call it a day.

just make sure you label your brushes, so you don't mic-match fluids, and brushes when doing multi-step processes. Mark
Markd does about the same as I do. I wet the brush and apply fliud to the record as well. And the good advice here is lableing the brush. I use Walker 4 step on used and MoFi enzyme on new or some time L'art duson on some as well. I keep seperate brushes and vacuum tubes to keep from cross contanimating chemicals. One peice of advice is keep replacement pads on hand. I have had a few loosen up.
In retrospect I would have bought all Disc Doctor brushes in stead of MoFo. I like the open center as a spring like absorbsion of pressure and the pad is narrower for better application, in my opinion.
I have the Mobile Fidelity, VPI and Listener Select brushes for wet record cleaning. The Listener Select brush is hands-down the best brush to use for record cleaning. Especially since it is meant to complement the AIVS cleaning solutions. The Mobile Fidelity brush is way too "woolly," while the VPI brush, while very good quality, just too "industrial" and massive.

You can get both the AIVS and the brush at and forget it. That's what I did. Plus Jim is a pleasure to deal with.
I think the correct link is
Theo, thank you for setting me straight. It is indeed osageaudio. My apologies. It's been a long day...
I've tried both ways and prefer wetting the brush. Makes it easier for me to gauge how much fluid I'm applying. There's no right or wrong. Try both ways and use whichever works best for you.

Thanks to Actusreus for the tip on Listener Select brushes. I'll check them out.
I use the Mofi brush flat to lightly "scrub" the record for a few revolutions then tilt it up 90 degrees to "spread" the fluid evenly.
Thanks folks. I'll play around with it. I might try the Listener select as well. Good tip.