Cleaning VPI platter

Is it safe to use a glass cleaner to clean the acrylic platter on a VPI scoutmaster? Is there a better way? Mine just got a lot of smudges from curious hands. Thanks.
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Though I do this once every year or so, I use Record Research (now Mobile Fidelity) Deep Cleaner on a new and dampened sponge to lightly clean the surface of the platter. I figured the same solution that is OK for records would be OK for the platter as well. Then I repeat with the Super Wash.
i use rubbing alcohol solution , but steve's advice is good too
You should never use a solution containing ammonia or alcohol on acrylic. It will break down the plastic. Soap and water, RO or distilled if you don't want water spots. Novus also makes an acrylic cleaner.
VPI recommends windex,thats what I use.
Why not use acrylic cleaner?

I am not sure why VPI recommends Windex for cleaning their acrylic platters because Windex is a big no no for use on acrylic as ammonia based products eat through acrylic.
Novus plastic clean and shine is specifically made for acrylic. Very good stuff.