cleaning tube sockets

How do you clean your tube sockets? I assume since my other connections get oxidized, all those little prong sockets must get corroded. I am have had tubes, but never long enough to have to clean them.
I use deoxit - spray it on an old tube, insert, remove, insert, remove, install new tube, let dry. Play.
Unplug the unit and let the caps bleed off. I use a pipe cleaner and deoxit or iso alcohol.
Deoxit works, and I use it with those tiny brushes from the drug store that are meant to clean dental work. There are various sizes and shapes. Good idea to clean up afterwards with Q tips so no residue migrates around the circuitry. You need to get inside the chassis for this, so be careful in there. I use compressed air first to clear out the sockets after cleaning. If the amp is vintage you might also want to "adjust" the grip of the sockets by carefully manipulating with a small tool.
You should also retension the sockets, particularly on vintage gear or gear that has the tubes changed out a lot. I use the Radio Shack soldering tool probes but a curved dental pick will work as well.
For tube sockets , the only way to go is Deoxit and a plastic paper clip .
Thank-you all.
Very helpful