Cleaning tube sockets

Does anyone know a source for brushes made for cleaning tube socket holes? Pipe cleaners are a tad too large.
When I purchased a Contac cleaner it came with brush-wires that you could thread through the tube sockets.
Look more closely at your local ye olde pipe shoppe. I found some very fine nylon brushes there and they are great for tube socket holes. You can find them on line too by searching for pipe (tobacconist) supplies.

From my experience, this link will take you to exactly what you are looking for:
Try Small Parts Inc.
CAIG sells cotton swabs that will fit the sockets of a 9 pin mini. They also sell small nylon brushes to fit the octal and larger size sockets.

I was told not to use metal brushes, as you don't want a metal bristle, that has broken off, to suddenly becomes a conductor..."Nothing good can come of this, Will Robinson!!!"
I use the little gum stimulator/anti-periodontal disease brushes from Oral-B that can be found at any drugstore. They work quite nicely for the pupose, and have a robust wire that can be bent into nearly any position. They do tend to shed bristles a bit if you clean with zeal, but you can use another one dry to remove any excess bristles. Good for 9 pin sockets - for anything larger like an octal, you would obviously need something of larger diameter. Good listening,

i have had success using a wooden tooth pack placed in a bottle of cramolin.
Don't use any liquids, polishing creams , just do the best you can to remove dust.