Cleaning solution

I have a VPI 16.5 and I am looking for some suggestions for record cleaning solution. Thanks--------

The Walker Audio Prelude Quartet Active Enzyme Treatment is by far the best I have used with my 16.5.
Disc Doctor Miracle Wash in addition to the steam method that is mentioned in the previous threads. This method has given me fantastic results with both new and used LP's! I also use the VPI 16.5.
Both good suggestions above. I use Premier Frist 1st, then Mofi (record research) deep clean 2nd, and a rinse with Mofi wash (record research). Someimes I follow with last ...

I do use the last brushes to spread all the above (3 diff brushes) and 2 diff vacuumn wands (one for deep clean and 2nd for wash)

Then a new inner sleeve (i like the MoFi sleeves)
Hi, Itsalldark, you've got a great machine. Once I finally spent the money on it I've loved it ever since. I started out with basic vpi fluid, then to record research, then the MoFi, and now I've finally stumbled across the best of the lot, the Audio Intelligent Vinyl Solutions. I'm using their two step process, the #15 cleaner, and the ultra pure water rinse. The cleaner can be left on for up to 20 min if you have a really dirty record, it does such a great job of lifting out the debris. I also recommend the Disc Doctor's felt pads for applying, you must use a seperate one for each step.
The most remarkable improvement over the other cleaners is how the music comes out of complete blackness, rarely any surface noise. It's quite an amazing thing to hear after all these years.
Above all, just use your cleaner! Your records and cartridge will thank you.
Second on the Walker Quartet. I have tried a number of things it seems to get the vinyl exposed best for the stylus. However I would like to try the MoFi Enzyme and Pure Was as it is only two steps. The 4 step process of the Walker gets a little old. Also the enzyme mixture must be mixed for each use. And that mixture must be used with in a few days. So for a record or two it can be wasteful.
Anyone out there compare the Mofi to Walker, I'd love to hear what you think.
Agree with Chashas1 on the Audio Intelligent fluids. They work great, I use all three.
Oops, I botched it. When I stated cleaner/s I meant the cleaning fluids, not the vpi cleaner itself. I also had some old cleaning fluid from Audio Advisor, and I see the Mofi is made for them by record research labs. Hm.
One thing I would say is to use a rinse/wash afterwards. In the old days I just put on whoever's cleaning fluid and never rinsed. Makes a huge difference. I think that's really all the steaming people are doing, just giving the lps a good misting rinse, but, let's not get into that.
I think that's really all the steaming people are doing, just giving the lps a good misting rinse, but, let's not get into that.

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