Cleaning silver faceplates?

I did a search on this subject, but didnt' find anything. Around the on/off buttons on my silver equipment (mainly my Classe amps), a "brownish" residue has built up over time, most likely smudges of dirt/oil from my fingertips. Can someone recommend a cleaning solution and/or method for this? BTW, I'm asking here first before even trying something as simple as water and elbow grease. Thanks.

I have this same problem on my EAD powermaster. I have used plain water and windex but they both just leave smudges. Theres like a slight haze on the plate under certain views.

I am afraid to use anything on Ead's unique face such as chemicals
I would bring 3 litres of javex to a boil, then fill your high pressure hose (min pressure of 3000 PSI)with the javex then spay the troubled area for 30 to 40 minutes.

I've done that, except I presoked the face with bleech and then used and ultra high pressure (7239.434 PSI pressure) and tried that for 6 hours and 52 minutes. No prevail...not sure what to do with it now.

Maybe flush it down the toilet????
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I read on the VPI forums about the best way to clean their aluminum platters. A mixture of baking soda and water. The poster said Windex and similar cleaners can cause pitting. I assume this is with excessive/prolonged usage. I started using the baking soda water. It's cheaper and works well.

Years ago I read about a product that Turtle Wax made called Clear Guard. It was formulated for vinyl/plastic car interiors. Has zero water. Someone recommended it as a cleaner/conditioner for electronics' casework. I used it and like it. I still have some.