Cleaning Record Jackets


I have found lot's of tips for cleanning records, but not any for cleaning record jackets. I have a bunch of records that I have gotten from trift stores and have cleaned up the vinyl, but the covers remain pretty dirty. I have tired a damp sponge, a bit of diluted windex, some diluted dish washing soap, but so far nothing seems to clean up the jackets that way I was hoping. Anyone have a secret formula they are willing to share?


When water-soluble products don't do it, try a paper towel folded into a 3" square pad, dampened with Ronsonal lighter fluid. It's naptha, same thing as used in dry-cleaning.

That will remove non-water-soluble grunge. Then if the laquer skin on the jacket is still dull, you can freshen it up somewhat with a small cloth pad moistened with Armoral, buff to a sheen.
Baby wipes. I like the Armoral idea.
Good thread, I was wondering the same thing.

Any issues with doing the above recommendations or similar and then storing in a sealed outer jacket sleeve?

I vaguely recall Fremer making a mention of cleaning LP jackets a while back with some all purpose spray type cleaner lightly applied to cloth and then used on the jackets.
I've had good results cleaning dirt off with the "MagicRub" eraser you can buy in art supply stores. Any soft artists' eraser should work fine to remove things like dirt rings around record impressions.
50% Diluted rubbing alcohol works REALLY great on hard to clean jackets - HOWEVER - it will dissolve the varnish and inks on some, ruining them. No matter what I use, I always spot test a very small area first (usually on a back corner, along the bottom, where the front paper wraps around and under the back sheet.)
After naptha, there is a great product called Renaissance Wax. It is a micro polish plus wax that is used in the best museums for conservation.
I want to thank everyone for there suggestions, I plan on trying each an everyone of them out and see if I can restore some of these jackets to mint condition, most have no problem except that they are dirty (lot's of ground in dirt), please keep those suggestions coming.


I've tried many of the suggestions here and prefer (above all) Novus #1 Plastic clean and shine. I know it's supposed to be for plastic and Plexiglas but it works miracles on album covers. Removes dirt, fingerprints and restores brilliance and shine WITHOUT the finish looking "fake."

Try it, I've been using it for 15 years and zero problems.