Cleaning "Gruv Glide" off of an Lp

I bought a 2nd hand copy of a Classic Records classical Lp the other day from a guy who seemed to do a nice job taking care of his records, but he used something called Gruv Glide as a preservative. I'm not familiar with Gruv Glide. I am inclined to clean it off, for fear of it ultimately causing some kind of problem with my stylus, etc. I have a VPI cleaning machine, and MoFi brushes, and various MoFi fluids. Does anyone have any suggestions, or cautions, about cleaning this stuff off? I do have access to a dealer who has a Keith Monks machine and who uses a distilled water/alcohol combination. Perhaps I should use that first?

Many thanks.
Eweed, Gruv Glide is designed to wash right off. No worries. I use it, and like it. Kills static if you live in a dry climate. I believe it improves the sound as well. Very minor HF improvement and less surface noise. Z.