Cleaning & polishing premium-grade speakers

What do you use to polish and maintain exotic wood loudspeakers? I have a Crimson Birdseye veneer and I wonder if there is anything I can do to keep the shine as well as protect it. For the meantime, I just buff mine with a cotton shirt. Thanks!

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I agree with Elizabeth. Coming from a wood working background, I know there are others that are going to respsond with all kinds of oils and furniture polishes. I HIGHLY advise against this. A cotton T-shirt will do just fine. Oils and polishes are likely to ruin the finish put on by the manufacturer.
Jependleton, you don't want wood to be moisturized. That's why wood workers, and anyone who builds with wood dries it for long periods of time before it's used. It's also why people use any number of finishes. To protect the surface from many things includes moisture.
I too am a custom furniture builder. If the right adhesive and finish are used, there should be no splitting. Finishes from 40 years ago are not as good as today's finishes. There should be absolutely no need to wipe it down with anything other than a dry cloth.

The simply fact is, if the lemon oil is penetrating the wood itself, the finish is not doing it's job.