Cleaning LP's

I'm cleaning my LP's with hot running soft water in the kitchen sink, drying first with a damp micro fiber cloth, (as can be acquired from Costco) then blow drying with hot air from hair dryer. The results so far are stunning quiet playback and pristine sound quality. Only cost incurred: amount of water used and the rubber gloves so as not to contaminate with skin oils.

I am also cleaning and demagnetizing my cartridge with Cardas Frequency Sweep LP also with most amazing results. I did not want to try the recently posted method of shorting the contacts as shown on youtube.

Wondering if anyone else is doing, and getting the similar results?
Personally I would discourage the use of a hair dryer, as it will sucks the dust from the outside and blow it into the still wet grooves.
You're just exchanging mud for a bit less mud
I take my LP's to my local retailer who wash them with a professional cleaning machine at a fair price. That's the best solution, at least for the records you care the most.
For those not much dirty I use the Nagaoka Rolling Cleaner with good results
You might try a vacuum cleaner for that last step. Find a brush accessory that has soft brustles, (or soften the bristles with a bit of rough emery paper)
And if you are having great success, ignore the comment about 'exchanging mud' as it is not based on any fact, only conjecture.
I too use the sink and find it works well. I just substitute my vac for the hair dryer. (the vac should have a new bag etc for best results)
Glad you're getting good results and enjoying your music more. There are few if any regulars here who don't wet clean their LP's, and many who use the Cardas LP.

That said, tap water is a poor choice for record cleaning. I suggest doing a search. The topic has been discussed in thousands of posts on hundreds of threads, including the one stickied at the top of this forum. No point rehashing the same topic for the nth time.
I'm using a Disk Doctor, rinsing with tap water and then using a small shop vac with a soft cotton cloth over the 4'' nozle to take the excess water off. It works great. kind of a pain in the a$$ though if you have a lot of records to do.
Where can I professionally clean records in New York City area?
I do clean some surface dirt with mixture of distilled water and 30% alcohol, but it will never compare to a really good LP-washing machine. I ahve had new LP with factroy grime on it no matter how many times I washed it it was not coming out. Then i had it cleaned by LP-machine by my friend. That opened my eyes.
So to repat my question: does anyone know of a record store where they clean LPs for a fee and do a GOOD job?