Cleaning much fluid is enough/too much?

I'm using a VPI 16.5 and Record Research Labs cleaning solutions. My question is how much of the fluid to pour on the record? Just get it damp, or flood it as much as possible with a little actually spilling over the sides occasionally?

Are there better brushes out there to use for applying and 'scrubbing' than the VPI supplied hard white bristled nylon brush? (actually, I don't scrub but rather just let the turning of the record do the work while I apply very light pressure)

How many turns of the record and how hard should one press with the brush?

I've noticed that there seem to be "surface tension" on some record surfaces and they are resistant to wetting...while others show no tendency to do this at all. (??)

Thanks for the help.

Atlanta, GA
Hello John:

You will probably get as many methods as answers, to your question. Every one does it differently. I lightly wet the record with distilled water, scrub (same as you), suck off the fluid, and repete with cleaning fluid. I have found it is best to then rinse with water, twice. I try to get enough fluid on the record, so that it runs ahead of the brush (kind of a wave effect), lifting & floating most of the gunk away from the brush.

Hi, I use about 10-15 drops of the super cleaner...use a carbon fiber brush to spread around...vacumn 2 rev's.

Then I partially saturate a disc doctor brush with the wash, go around once using the motor. scrub back and forth (with the grooves) once or twice. Vacumn 2 rev's.

Works like a champ for me.

To answer your question...using the vpi brush..not's job is to spread the fluid only. Let the fluid to the work. I'd say 2 rev' will likely do it...but 2 won't hurt. I'd use as much fluid as you can as long as it doesn't spill off the sides much. Also, 2 vacumn tubes seems to for the deep for the super wash.
get a slight wave of cleaning fluid built up in front of the brush to help float the stuff you are trying to get rid of, maybe a little side to side bristle movement for a revolution and then 2 revolutions of vacuum.
I follow what Sayas does with respect to fluid in front of the brush. I do not use the VPI brush at all. I used Disk Doc brushes for awhile but find the little LAST brush work better for me and are less expensive.

I do a squirt of Deep Cleaner along the length of the brush, letting the excess fall on the record, 2-3 spins of cleaning, then one of vacuum. Next, the same with a separate brush using the Super Vinyl Wash. Finally, a bit less for a second Super Vinyl Wash rinse and aboout three spins of vacuum.

You are using the correct fluids in my opinion. I've tried then all including several hom ebrews. Record Research is all I will use now - the ONLY one I found that leaves no sonic signature whatsoever.
Search the archives for post on this topic by Albertporter. His method has been recommended by many here...Clearly explained too.
Albert is one of the most knowledgeable and helpful posters you'll find here in the analog forum.