Cleaning LP Covers

There's no question here, just some insight on cleaning ring wear and related staining/dirt from your LP covers. The new Mr. Clean "Erasers" (preferably the heavy duty ones), used lightly do marvelous things to bring older, dirty covers back to life. The only problem occurs on highly textured covers (i.e.: original John Barleycorn Must Die), on which the ink can become smeared if you're not careful. Always use a light touch in any case, until you become accustomed to the pressure needed to do what you need to do!
The "hard" surface, plastic coated covers are pretty safe to clean as you do. Try a few small drops of Soft Scrub on a damp piece of paper towel, (very gently) that will remove most of the marks, wipe clean.

Then spray a thin mist of polish such as Pledge or Behold, on hi gloss covers (and others) such as the Mercury`s (the best album covers ever, in my opinion).

The "soft" paper surface covers are just about impossible to clean.
Great information, Lwerner; thanks a ton!!