Cleaning laser lens; good idea?

I'm assuming that over time, dust and grit will slowly accumulate on the laser lens of CD (and DVD) players, given that the laser faces upwards, and dust will cling to CD's.
How and when does this become a problem, and is there an easy and safe way to remove this build-up?
All the Techs I've chatted with don't use CD lens cleaners,
or camera lens cleaners(alchohol of any sort.
what they use is a Q TIP WITH WARM WATER(Distilled preferably)
I've used this method a couple of times over the years and
leave it alone unless you have problems.
The old saw: "If it ain't broke don't fix it!" applies.
When you can just as easily make it WORSE than better, better to do nothing!
My way of being certain that the lens stays clean is to use a clean cosmetic blush brush on every silver disc (CD DVD) I put in. The dust stays out of the player, by keeping it OFF the discs.
Is that brush made from organic or synthetic bristles E?Thanks,Bob
A make-up brush is a great idea, although I might get the wife to buy it for me; might get some odd looks!
I would assume natural fibres would be better, as synthetic might cause a static charge on the disc and attract more dust.
I actually am not certain. I have used two different brushes. One was fine as is. the other I am pretty certain it was animal bristles, as I 'softened' the tips with a bit of emery paper as the brush felt a little harsh to my fingers. After fragmenting the tips with the emery paper, it was fine.
For the elite, may I sugest a sable fine arts paint brush. A nice wide and full bristle one would cost at LEAST $400.00
A nice synthetic sable paint brush could be had for under $100.
Cosmetic brushes range from $10 to $40.
Horse hair is used for camera lenses. make sure the bristles are not touched.
Check out the reviews on amazon about Allsop CD lens cleaner - It has great reviews, cheap and you can use it for CD player in your cars too.
I just ordered one, not arrive yet

Has anyone used the Allsop cd cleaner, model 23321 ultra Pro Carbon-Edge dvd and cd drive cleaner?

Will these type of cd cleaners harm the player?
Hair for brush should come from male Harbin-Kolinsky tail harvested in winter.