Cleaning Just before playing record

Has anyone tried cleaning the record just before playing it?
I have cleaned several dozens records over the past months, and a few days ago while listening to some LP I decided to clean one just before I listen to see if makes a difference. I put some Discwasher D4+ on a microfiber brush and cleaned the record. I played it and it sounded different in that: the sound stage seems bigger and the bass was tighter. I listened to another record before cleaning it to get a baseline, then I cleaned it as before. The result was the same. A few days later I repeated the same procedure and got the same result. I am using a home brewed cleaner, Audio Intelligent super cleaner, steam cleaning, and I have a nitty gritty record cleaning machine. I would like you to try and tell us your result. I know that a bad recording will not sound good no matter what you do, so I have been separating the good recordings in my collection.
Yep, sometimes records I have wet vac. cleaned and put away, when I pull them out months later they still have a smidgen of dust on them.. wet vacuuming just before playing gets rid of that.
Yah : I do the Steam clean for first good quality cleaning and once the record has gone back into a sleeve or jacket I will do the Discwasher ( D-3 ) light cleaning right on the table ..It does make a difference..Its the airborne dust particles..I can have a pristine record on the table and if I leave the room for 15 minutes ,when I come back you can already see light dust forming..So I now do a light cleaning before playing...It does help....