Cleaning JL AUDIO Fathom Subs / Revel Studio2

Can anyone recommend the best way to clean Dust off the Gloss black surfaces without leaving swirls or streaks?  Thanks!
I am familiar with the salon2 and JL Audio sub finishes. I am assuming the studio2 is the same gloss finish as the salon2. use clean, dry, lint free microfibre cloths. I buy a bunch of them off amazon. wipe gently in the same direction, do not scrub/clean/swirl with any amount of force as you may scrape dirt/dust against the finish. do not use water. an old (clean) cotton t shirt can also work for this.

I use Cory's piano cleaner/polish on my high-gloss speakers. Works great.
I use. Spray bottle of water and spray a very fine mist on my piano black speakers (GE Triton Reference), and wipe with a clean microfiber cloth.  I have been doing this for the 3 years I have had the speakers with absolutely no swirl marks. 
32 oz spray bottle filled with water and 1 tablespoon / .5 oz murphys oil soap, then use a clean dish towel.  doing this for years on an actual piano black piano as well as two gloss black subwoofers.