Cleaning fluid on the cheep

A short time ago I was fortunate to have a family friend decide to get rid of their old vinyl records and hand them over to me. About 250 albums is my estimation. As you might guess, they were not taken care of real great. All are in their sleeves and jackets but have been in storage for years.

I do have a VPI 16.5 cleaning machine but do not have much cleaning fluid. Unfortunately I have hit some financial hard times as of late and cleaning fluid is not cheep.

I was wondering if there was a good substitute for the normal cleaning fluid bought at retailers that I can use in it's place? Maybe using product from the grocery stores? Like distilled water and a mild cleaner?

Or any other suggestions?

Any ideas would be much appreciated!
you don't need much fluid for 250 records
I follow this guy's formula.

3/4 distilled water, 1/4 91% pure rubbing alcohol, a little dishwasher rinsing agent at the bottom of the squirt bottle.
Use Soap
Use diswashing liquid in water. Scrub well. Rinse at least twice; first with tap water to remove as much of the cleaning fluid as possible; second rinse with distilled water to finish the job.
BTW, my personal rule of thumb is to NEVER, EVER, UPON RISK OF A RUINED RECORD use alcohol to clean records. IIRC rubbing alcohol (ethanol) dissolves some of the chemical softeners and / or other chemical components in the vinyl mix. Alcohol is not nearly as effective as a simple dishwashing liquid solution.

I know this is a hot topic. Not trying to start a flame war, but that's just my opinion.

I agree with Marakanetz , you will not need much cleaner . For about $25.00 you can buy the VPI Concentrate add it to 1 gallon of distilled water and have enough to clean 500 Records or more . It is really good for the money .
Todd knows his stuff....

Better than do it yourself. Or...

This is something I use. $25. Cheap.
Steam, steam and more steam is the way to go.
I'm with Buconero on this one.
Steam works well, does not deteriorate in the bottle or the RCM.........and is cheap.
I have not looked back since switching.
I agree that steam / distilled water is the ideal rinse. Steam is another source for distilled water. It gets applied without a brush or other applicator so there's nothing to contaminate the clean water.

For actual cleaning, I use the DiscDoctor system that's designed for vacuum record cleaning machines like the HW-16.5. I haven't found anything that is better, and the DD brushes seem to be very good.