cleaning fluid for the gem dandy record cleaner

I've just cleaned about 60 records with my Gem Dandy, which I absolutely love.  It restored records that were not able to be cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner.  I'm just about out of the fluid it comes with and I would like to figure a cheaper but still effective solution to use.  I've searched this forum but I can't see any recommendations for diy fluid that's as strong as the solution that comes with the gem dandy.  Most seem to be for use with an ultrasonic or vacuum style cleaner.  As I use hydraulic pressure to clean & rinse the record, I can use a very strong cleaner that maybe would leave a residue on other style cleaning systems.  So far, the best recommendation I've found is  Anyone have better suggestions?
I make my own.  800 ml distilled water, 200ml 99.9% pure anhydrous Isopropyl alcohol, 5ml Ilford Ilfotol wetting agent.

This works as well or better than anything I've tried, and is very inexpensive.
Buy the Walker Enzyme refills. The very best, and very reasonably priced  when you buy the refills. If you want cheap but still pretty good, I have about 20oz of the 32oz Disc Doctor cleaning fluid, yours for shipping. This is the concentrate, mix 2parts cleaner to 1 part water, so in other words this will make about a quart of cleaning solution.

It all depends on what you want. If you want them absolutely super duper clean, Walker. If you want them pretty clean, Disc Doctor. If you want a science project, keep reading, there's guys here I swear are the Walter White of record cleaning.
Recently I found discOvery Record Cleaning Fluids by Keith Monks. Best I've used. It can now be bought here in the States and very reasonable. 
The Audio Intelligent/Down With Dirty enzymatic fluid concentrate is what I use to pre-steam lps. Lasts forever without having to refrigerate.
I went with the liquinox. It will last forever as you use it in a 1% solution. I just cleaned 10 records and it seems to work extremely well.