Cleaning Dust off of Vinyl

I've noticed that records in general attract a fair amount of dust. I was wondering if I could clean this off using my air compressor or if I need to purchase some type of cotton cloth. The air compressor would be easier with my setup now, but I don't know if that would be too rough on the vinyl.

Pledge Dust and Allergen Wipes were recommended to me by a vinylphile, and they have worked great.

They're dry, so they leave no residue. Just pick up the dust.
I use my vacuum cleaner. I have a separate brush nozzle that I use only for LPs.
Vacuum, then carbon fiber brush works just fine.
I would recommend a carbon-fiber brush like the Audioquest brush for removing loose dust.

For dirt that this won't remove, I recommend the GEM Dandy, which uses high-pressure water to clean records. You might even be able to make a device like this yourself if you're handy; it's made of standard PVC parts. I now prefer this to my Nitty Gritty 1.5.
Dry electrostatic disposable cloths.

Patented Grab & Hold Technology removes dirt, hair, dust and common allergens from dust mites, pet dander and pollen.

Vinyl mites!


Never even thought of those... I am always so reluctant to
"try" new methods of cleaning records, frankly.

Surely they are harmless... thoughts?
I use a really light gauge of sandpaper. Something like a 220grit should work great.
I like how Audiogon will approve this post of mine telling people to clean their records with SANDPAPER but they won't post a topic I tried to start of Corey Feldman singing John Lennon's classic Imagine.
I just use the cleaning pads that I purchase that are made especially to clean records. This works best and puts my mind at ease that I am dusting in a safe manner.
Use wipes or a vacuum cleaner, but be careful with such valious records.
SandPaper!!! I knew it had to be a ruse.

sorry about your post.

I use a Audioquest carbon fiber brush.I have a friend with the Gem Dandy and I plan on getting one. It works very well and is not stupid expensive like the record cleaning machines.

Nagaoka sticky roller.
Some people swear by it.

Works pretty good, but Smacky's dried out in 2 years time. (Probably because Smacky did not store it properly in the supplied air-tight box.)

Not cheap.
Before cleaning it, be sure of using an anti-static gun, if you have one, to neutralize dust.