cleaning discs and players

any opinions on best ways to clean cd players and discs and if so with what products. Thanks
I use a product called "CD Clean-It Kit" by CD 2000, Inc, Palatine, IL. It's inexpensive yet recommended by one the local high end hi-fi stores here in central NJ (The Sound Exhange, Somerville, NJ) who also sells literally thousands of pre-owned and new CD's. CD 2000 Inc also makes a CD Fix-It Kit for scratches. Works great. Go to the website ( You'll see testimonials and endorsements for this product. So simple.
thanks I will check it out! A bit out of form but what do you use for vinyl if you listen to lp's. Just recently got back into the hi-fi world and ALOT has changed. Used to use DC-3 discsasher but it is not the same. Been bought out and swithched companies. There has got to be a cheaper way than Nitty Gritty although they are great.
Walker 'VIVID' both cleans and enhances sound dramatically.
Old English spray-on ploish also works surprisingly well and is available inexpensively at local grocery and hardware stores.
I use a product called Plexus. It works great on cds, gear, and acrylic covers. I purchased it from Music Direct.
sorry but I have a hard time believing "old english" spray would be good either for my cd's or player. Am an antique person and I know what it does to wood. It causes a build up ofremovable wax and is caustic to the wood. Hard to imagine how that would relate to plastic's but hey maybe I am missing something. If you know something I don't let me know as I am all for it and I did ask the question.
stereo dave sells a good cleaner,protector,