Cleaning cd players

What is the best way to clean the lens of my cd player? What is the best way to clean DVD's and Cd's. How often should I do this?
I don't know if it is the best way, but I use the Parasound PerfectImage 20/20 which is a cd disc with a little brush surface that runs for about 15 seconds on your transport. I don't use it very often, though. As far as cleaning the discs themselves I have used Optrix with success. One tip I would highly recommend is a particular wipe, (with whatever cleaner Albert Porter tells us to use.) [:)] It is the Kimwipes EX-L from Kimberly-Clark. This is described as a "delicate task wiper" and is used often in camera and microscope lens cleanings. I recommend this particular type as some other Kimwipe products leave lint behind which you have to blow off. The EX-L leaves no lint. Maybe you can get this from a local camera shop? Happy cleaning. Charlie
I also would like to clean my CD player soon and will follow this thread, so no advice on that, but what I use on my CD's are (i)clear (fusion 5) lens cleaning cloths from my eye doctor. They are formulated for specially coated lenses such as mine and do a great job on CD's as well. They also seem to control static.
As far as cleaning CDs, I have for years done this with warm water, the tiniest drop of dishwashing liquid, a smooth fingertip, then rinse with distilled water & dry with a lint-free, soft cloth very gently & minimally. If anyone thinks this is wrong, tell me why. I haven't had any problems or scratches from this technique when I am very careful.
I use Kevziek's method on the movies I rent from Blockbuster.A good portion of a meal with every rental.
I recommend that you do not use any liquids when cleaning the lens on your CD player. The reason for this is twofold. Most liquids will leave a film which is not desireable in itself, but you also risk the film aiding in the accumulation of dust particles on the lens. Solvents are not recommended as they may damage your lens. I have tried (but do not recommend) waterless Isopropyl alchohol with some success. The water in the alchohol is what causes the residue. I do however, recommend purchasing lintless lens cleaning tissue from a camera store, and using that alone, being careful not to use much pressure when rubbing. Good luck.
The Kimwipe EX-L I mentioned above is a tissue that comes 280 to a box. Dispenses like Kleenex.