Cleaning Cary chrome amps... what works?

I have a simple question for Cary amp/preamp owners: Just what do you use to clean the chrome finish? Flitz polish leaves a residue, wax leaves a residue, Windex leaves streaks, plain water does nothing. So what's the trick for keeping a Cary clean and looking it's best?

MUCH appreciate your help.

- Jeff
Mother's aluminum wheel polish
Hi Jeff
I've had excellent results using Endust for Electronics - the chassis looks brand new!
This is an antistatic cleaner-spray in a blue can = available at grocery stores, Walgreens, etc.
Shake the can, spray some on a small piece of blue lint-free paper towel & wipe everything, changing pieces of towel as needed. It won't hurt faceplate silkscreening. It's also similar to Nordost ECO3 when used for antistatic applications on cabling & on the label side of CD's, but it is much less expensive.

Have you ever tried plain old rubbing alcohol? It works great on chrome.
I have checked on this, and second the Mother's recommendation, using a soft cloth such as a baby's cotton diaper.
Lots of experience on this matter...Simichrome polish is fantastic! It is a very soft paste, so it does require cleaning it off afterwards, but it will shine like no other, without worry about being abrasive. Also works wonderful for cleaning up contacts on old audio gear, larger pins on vacuum tubes, and speaker cable terminations.
Great stuff!
Thanks to all for your help with this. I've tried Mother's and Simichrome (have not found the Endust yet), and both seem to work very well. Alcohol does well on fingerprints, and cleaning off excess polish. I was using cotton wiping cloths (linen) but have found something that works much better. Had an old cotton flannel sheet, so cut some 1" x 3" strips. Work in a little Mother's or Simichrome, and use an all plastic alignment tool to move the strips between the transformers, caps, around screws, etc. I then finish up with a dry piece of flannel, which gets rid of the residue. It's still a great deal of effort, but the results are pretty spectacular. Thanks again for your help.