Cleaning a VPI Super Platter?

What product is best used for this platter? thanks.
I have the 25 pound SuperPlatter and have used plain old blue Windex. I dust the platter first, and then spray the cloth - not the platter - and all is well. A stubborn thumb print may require a second cloth/spray procedure.

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Here is the advice I got from VPI.

You can use turpentine on the chassis and the platter but you will need to clean it afterwards with windex or some other glass cleaner. Should come right off.
Panel magic makes the acrylic on the table look like new if you use it a few times a year, especially on the platter. Just wipe it all off with a soft cloth after application and allow to dry overnight.

Thank you for your suggestions. I'll try the Windex and buy some Panel Magic. Windex sounds like it cleans, panel magic is for restoring shine?
Panel Magic's name has been changed, I don't see mine right now and have forgotten the new one. Yes, it restores the finish; it is intended for kitchen cabinets and the new name is something like Cabinet Magic but I am not sure. It worked on my Aries Extended and I am going to put some on my Basis 2001 when I locate it. I got it at Home Depot I believe or else Ace Hardware.
I've typically used Glass Plus on my VPI MK-IV Platter with no problems. Either use, a Micro Fiber Cloth, or I've even used 100% pure Sterilized roll Cotton since I always keep some lying around here. I also use the Roll Cotton for applying Novus #1 when polishing-waxing the Acrylic Plinth. Mark
Panel Magic (PM10) is available at Ace Hardware